The Organization

Friends & Advocates is a Community Adult Mental Health Organization, and has provided Social Rehabilitation services since 1986.  Since the mid 1990’s funding for our services have flowed through the Central West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. As of April, 2021 the LHIN has changed their name to Home and Community Care Support Services.

Friends & Advocates continues to offer support to those who have experienced Mental/Emotional Distress resulting in Social Isolation.  We provide members with opportunities to develop strong Communication, Interpersonal and Leadership Skills. We offer opportunities for members to develop their Leadership, Interpersonal and Social Skills through over 40 activities per month and training programs.

Social Rehabilitation in Mental Health

Here at Friends & Advocates we believe in Social Rehabilitation!

Social Rehabilitation means achieving success in respect to the determinants of health (a safe place to live, ways and means to contribute to the community, and the development / maintenance of positive relationships with self/family/friends) by providing developmental skills.

Persons with mental health concerns can develop personal and inter-personal skills by attending our in person and online activities (including psychosocial activities), support check ins, trainings, and much more. These opportunities are endless and we encourage our members to join as many activities as they can. The more they are involved, the more skills they can learn and this ultimately supports members to become active participants in their community, as they themselves would define it!

As we say here at Friends and Advocates: SOCIAL REHABILITATION IS THE ANSWER!

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