Two Types of Membership

Member: Member Services is for individuals who are looking for the full experience as a member at Friends & Advocates. Individuals who meet the criteria of attending 2 minimum activities per month are eligible to join. Individuals in the member services have access to all of our programs and services including all of our individual member services, governance meetings, trips, and big events. Individuals in member services are eligible to join any one of our 8 standing committees, and our Board of Directors.

Volunteer: Friends & Advocates is always looking for Volunteers to complete our Leadership Training Program in order to facilitate any of our Social Activities. Volunteers have the opportunity to work alongside staff and members of the organization to facilitate our programs and services. Volunteers must be 16+ and have provided us with a successful vulnerable sector check prior to joining the team.

Community Feature

Open Services Participant: Open Services was created for individuals who are unable to attend our 2 activity minimum requirement. As an organization we understand, things come up, individuals get busy, and situations change. We feel it is best not to restrict our services based on someone’s personal situation. As an Open Service Participant, you can join any social or leisure activities on the calendar. However, they’re excluded from joining any governance meetings and trainings as they have a less active role in the decision making towards the organization.

Call the office at 905-452-1002 if you are interested and have any questions!