* Members are eligible for Transit Subsidy if attending two Social activities each Month, Training Programs, Governance Meetings, Special Events (as designated) or as Leaders of an Activity.
** For all Activities, Doors Open and Leaders are on Duty, from ½ hour before the scheduled start. In order to be counted in attendance you must be there from the beginning and be present for 3/4 of an activity in order to be counted. **
We have approximately 40+ group activities which are held monthly, arranged by members for members. Many of our activities are open to guests that our members wish to invite!
There are 3 different types of activities:

1. Governance:

At F&A our membership is composed of members and volunteers. They hold an important role in the decision making of the organization by attending the governance committees. The 7 standing committees are By law and Policies, Fundraising, Quality Improvement, Public Relations, Social and Leisure, Nominating, Human Resources and Finance. These meetings occur monthly and/or every quarter to discuss any updates or changes that need to be made.

2. Discussion Groups:

Any topic of interest to our members is fair game for “SMALL TALK”. Members may decide to have someone in from the community to facilitate a discussion group with question and answer sessions. It is all up to the members!

3. Leisure:

Activities are explained in detail in our monthly calendar and organized by members that join the Social and Leisure Committee. At this committee, new ideas of activities are welcomed! Feedback of activities are also encouraged to ensure our calendar reflects the interests of our members! The calendar is mailed or emailed monthly.

Lifestyle Services:


Is the Friends & Advocates monthly newsletter and calendar of activities. This is sent out to the members and affiliated community agencies. The publication offers important information and flyers concerning upcoming events.

Support Services

At F&A we provide light support. Our main focus is social rehabilitation; however, we understand that sometimes members have personal situations that are interfering with their daily lives. We have staff who are prepared to provide short-term support through weekly check in calls. We provide members with the necessary tools and resources to make sure they have a well rounded circle of support. We also encourage our members to attend activities through motivational calls. These calls focus on encouragement and support so that member’s can continue to develop new skills and work on themselves.

Members are encouraged to reach out to staff at our working business hours for any support! Monday to Friday between 8:30am-4:30pm. If there are any emergencies there are a list of support numbers on the back front page of the News – A- Peel

Member Birthdays

Are celebrated by sending out birthday cards and during the General Members meetings with a song and sweet treat.