* Members are eligible for Transit Subsidy if attending two Social activities each Month, Training Programs, Governance Meetings, Special Events (as designated) or as Leaders of an Activity.
** For all Activities, Doors Open and Leaders are on Duty, from ½ hour before the scheduled start. In order to be counted in attendance you must be there from the beginning and be present for 3/4 of an activity in order to be counted. **
We have approximately 40+ group activities which are held monthly, arranged by members for members. Many of our activities are open to guests that our members wish to invite!
There are 3 different types of activities:

1. Governance:

Members form decision making bodies for every aspect of the organization, from fundraising to dances to decorations, and public relations to problem solving.

2. Discussion Groups:

Any topic of interest to our members is fair game for “SMALL TALK”. Members may decide to have someone in from the community to facilitate a discussion group with question and answer sessions. It is all up to the members!

3. Leisure:

All other events on our calendar are social and leisure activities. Activities are explained in detail in our monthly calendar and organized by members. The calendar is mailed monthly to each member.

Lifestyle Services:

Lifestyle Counselling

Offers members the opportunity to discuss issues of importance to them with a staff member, through appointments arranged at their convenience. A partner/volunteer relationship may be contracted in order to provide one-to-one support outside of the programmed activities.

24 Hour Crisis Intervention

Is made available to our members. It must be emphasized that the philosophy of Friends & Advocates is to prevent crises from developing in members, by providing a rich support system of friendship and activities. However, in the event that a crisis does present itself to a member, there is staff support available 7 days a week.


Is the Friends & Advocates monthly newsletter and calendar of activities. This is sent out to the members and affiliated community agencies. The publication offers important information and flyers concerning upcoming events.

Hospital Visits

By program representatives will occur if Friends & Advocates is made aware of a member being admitted to hospital. Phone calls of support and well wishes or cards will be sent out to our members in the event of a hospital stay. It should be noted that the focus of the program is to reduce hospitalizations so the annual number of visits remain relatively low.

Support Calls

To the Friends & Advocates members are regularly conducted just to stay in touch and offer words of encouragement.

Support Services

Are offered to members should they wish to discuss and work on any concerns or issues. The staff can offer support and work the process necessary to achieve success. Members are encouraged to work on both long and short term goals.

Member Birthdays

Are celebrated by sending out birthday cards and during the General Members meetings with a song and sweet treat.