Friends & Advocates provides the opportunity for Members and folks from the Community to get involved in a low keyed, fun social and lightly competitive environment through several Community Leagues.



The F&A Wii Leagues are quickly becoming a huge success across all of our service areas. F&A currently runs two leagues per year with an average duration of 8 weeks of league play. The games for the leagues are chosen at the Social & Leisure meeting and community participation is welcomed.

If your interested in participating in the F&A Wii Leagues please contact the office for more information at 905-452-1002.


The Friends & Advocates Bowling Tournament is a great way for members and the community to come together for an afternoon of fun. The tournaments are planned by members at the local level during each areas Social & Leisure Committee meeting. The tournament is generally spread out over two days. The first activity is the tournament and the second activity happens a few weeks later in the form of a Pizza Party Banquet. It is at this Banquet that members and community participants are recognized for their support of the tournament.

If your interested in being a part of an upcoming tournament please contact the office for more details and to register today at 905-452-1002.