Friends & Advocates provides the opportunity for Members and folks from the Community to get involved in a fun social and lightly competitive environment through several Community Leagues and clubs!



The F&A Wii Leagues are quickly becoming a huge success across all of our service areas. F&A currently runs two leagues per year with an average duration of 8 weeks of league play. The games for the leagues are chosen at the Social & Leisure meeting and community participation is welcomed.


The F&A Bowling Tournament is a great way for members and the community to come together for an afternoon of fun. The tournaments are planned by members at the local level during each areas Social & Leisure Committee meeting. The tournament is generally spread out over two days. The first activity is the tournament and the second activity happens a few weeks later in the form of a Pizza Party Banquet. It is at this Banquet that members and community participants are recognized for their support of the tournament.


“Reading is dreaming, with your eyes open” – Unknown. Make sure to join the F&A Book Club, as it is a series of discussions that occur weekly! Call the office to find out about the exciting books we have lined up and get ready to read and discuss with the group! We will talk about the characters, story line, how we feel about it and much more!


The F&A Kil- A- Metre club is a fun and great way for members to keep track of their kilometres!! Exercise is key and crucial to both our physical and mental health. Call the office at the end of every month reporting your total kilometres. We also meet monthly online via Zoom! At the end of the year we calculate the total amount and each member that participated will receive a certificate!

If your interested in being a part of an upcoming league or club please contact the office for more details and to register today at 905-452-1002.