Mailing Address and Location:

. 239 Queen Street East, UNIT # 6
. Brampton, Ontario
. L6W 2B6

. Phone: 905-452-1002
Fax: 905-452-1036

. Open 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday
. Available for Member Services and Administrative Needs

Direct Contacts

General Information Mailbox
Chief Executive Officer: Scott M. Brooker Ext. 322
Member Services Coordinator: Carrie Andrews Ext. 323
Member Services Worker: Fatimah Kazi (maternity leave)
Member Services Worker: Michael Banares Ext. 332
Member Services Worker: AJ Sukumar Ext. 333
Member Services Worker: Elizabeth Frimpong Ext. 331
Support & Intake Coordinator: Nadine Baloy Ext. 327
Support & Intake Worker: Christina Bacchus Ext. 324
Support & Intake Worker: Albert Dadzaa Ext. 329
Consumer Survivor Network (CSN) Coordinator: Lea Joseph Ext. 330

Students & Summer Staff
Accountant: Heather Boston