Suggestion – Compliment – Complaint 

Your feedback is important to us, and is an integral part of Friends & Advocates’ continuing efforts in providing the best service we can to our community, since 1986.

Feedback can be made directly to the office by calling (905) 452-1002, by completing and submitting the below form, or by filling out a hard copy of the document.

Feedback, both verbal and written, can be submitted anonymously; however, this may prevent a full investigation, resulting in an inability to respond to the complainant or to completely resolve the issue. We review all suggestions, compliments and complaints and act on them accordingly.

Complaints, in particular, must include the name of the Complainant and a method of contact.

The decision to file a complaint may be a difficult one when the complaint pertains to illegal practices, professional misconduct, incompetence, violation of Friends & Advocates policies or when the complaint is about a person. Friends & Advocates treats all complaints with sensitivity. Friends & Advocates protects the right of an individual to complain in good-faith and will not retaliate against the individual. Friends & Advocates also protects the confidentiality of individuals who make good-faith reports in accordance with requirements of the law. Friends & Advocates honours your right to have a person of your choice support you through the complaint process.

We thank you for your feedback and encourage you to also provide your suggestion /compliment / complaint directly to those involved.

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